Debt PayOff Assistant

The one and only complete solution to get out of debt as quickly as possible.


Features You Love


Cover all payment options

Weekly, Biweekly, accelerated Weekly, accelerated Biweekly, and of course monthly payment options

Most debt management apps out try hard but ultimtely fall short of offering all payment options.

We have worked hard to make sure that this app covers all real-world scenarios. Now you can go ahead and keep track of your bi-weekly debts with ease.

Keep on top of your payments

Review all your upcoming payments in one place.

Take advantage of graphical visual cues to see how quickly your debt payments are progressing. We are working hard on updates to incorporate new features to help you keep on top of your payment schedules.


Choose a payoff strategy that matches your personality

Uniquely trailor your payment strategies to your personality.

Choose from the satisfying Snowball strategy that pays off the smallest debt first and works its way up to the largest debt. Or alternatively, choose the tried and true lowest interest method called the Avalanche Method to pay off your largest interest debt first and start saving right away. Should these not meet your liking, try to Custom method to tailor your debt payment to any order you desire.

But that's not all. On one screen, iterate through various snowball payment amounts and watch how they affect your eventual interest payments and years till payoff. After all it's your money - you get to decide how you want to save it.

3 easy steps

1..2..3 is all it takes!

  • 1
    Create a debt

    Enter the basic debt information like balance, interest rate, payment frequency and first payment date

  • 2
    Review Payment Strategies

    Review your debt payment strategies. Choose from SnowBall, Avalanche and even a custom option. You can also adjust the snowball amounts to see how it affects your interest payments, debt duration all in real time and on the same screen.

  • 3
    That's it

    Debt payoff app will go to work and create the payment schedules, and  calendar notifications and notify you of upcoming payments as they come due.


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*Works on iOS 11.0.0+,  and above.